Idk What I’m Doing

So I’m sure you all are wondering (or not wondering since I’m extremely irrelevant lol), why I decided to name my blog “What Happened?,” and furthermore, what I mean by this question.  I had been wanting to write a blog for a while now, but not for the reasons that you may think.  I am not about to start posting pictures of my avocado toast in the morning or close-ups of my legs in ripped boyfriend jeans in my bed while holding my cute coffee mug.  And I’m not gonna do these things for a few reasons…First of all, if I’m gonna drink coffee in my bed in the morning, I’m either a.) wearing pajama shorts like a normal person or the more likely b.) not wearing pants at all cuz it’s really fun and you all (random person in Papua New Guinea who accidentally landed on this page) should really try it sometime.  Secondly, there are already enough people who post these types of things and they do it much better than I ever could.  I’m in no way looking down on people who post these types of things because your thigh gaps look pretty damn good in those jeans and I honestly love looking at your avocado toast because it makes me wish I was eating it too.  I am simply expressing that I can’t provide these types of pictures because I don’t have the legs for it and I don’t wanna spend that much time making breakfast in the morning like Imma do Chick Fil A drive through or go grab a bacon egg and cheese.  Maybe a breakfast burrito Idk I’m indecisive.  I also just wanted to preface this first entry by saying that I don’t actually think I’m trendy because I went on wordpress and registered for a free blog.  Rather, I wanted to write a blog so I could get my thoughts down and remember the little things in life that we tend to forget about (or never forget about because they’re so embarrassing), like when you forget to fully close the door of a plane bathroom and the next thing you know *SURPRISE TURBULENCE* the door flies open and the hot British flight attendant gets a full frontal.  And it’s not like one of those cute “oops I eat a cube of cheese only when I feel like I’m going to faint and I see a personal trainer 5 times a week but here I am standing here ready for you” and then we start talking and it just so happens that like I have family in London too! It was more like me with my pants at my knees having just gotten up from the toilet while still holding toilet paper and him just standing there trying not to laugh/trying to keep his eyes from burning after what he had just witnessed.  Anyways, I’d like to give a MAJOR shoutout to that random girl in the quad at my school the other day who was talking shit about me and my friends because you, my friend, are my true inspiration, my muse, and my motivation to write this blog.  Congrats, you actually got me to act on something I said I wanted to do (But seriously thanks gurl).  So we’re sitting in the quad, along with the rest of the students that I’ve never seen before since we’ve all been in hibernation for the past 5 months (God I love Winter), and we realized that the girl next to us was making fun of our conversation.  Granted, my friend was planning out her drinking schedule for the long weekend, but like, sometimes a basic bitch’s biggest problem is figuring out how she’s gonna sober up in time for her to get drunk all over again at the darty the next day.  Obviously there are much more important things going on in the world, but if this is what my friendy is worried about, then it’s a no judgement zone and I’m gonna be there for her.  WE HAD BEEN MADE.  I think that girl saw and heard things that day that she had never seen or heard before; we had truly taken common white girl, or in my friend’s case who I like to call a mix between Harlem and Long Island, common mob girl, to a whole new level.  So we find another place in the quad to sit down (Thank God) and start talking about why that girl felt it necessary to talk about us, especially since she was sitting right next to us.  At first I was pissed because it’s like, why did you have to do that, ya know?  I’ve never met her before and I’ve never done anything to her before, so why did she need to put a dampener on my day?  And then I just started thinking about how much we all gossip, myself included, and wondered, am I really justified in being annoyed with this girl right now?  Am I being a hypocrite?  I don’t see a problem with expressing your frustration with someone or talking about someone if they have upset you or offended you before.  But talking about people that have never done anything to you, or talking about people out of sheer boredom and because you simply have nothing better to do, is something that I think all of us should work on.  It’s just so unnecessary, hurtful, and pointless.  And shouldn’t our conversations have a point?  We should promote meaningful conversation that uplifts people rather than bringing them down.  Obviously it’s fun to just talk about pointless, superficial things sometimes, like what shirt you wanna wear or who you wanna take to your sorority formal, but I think it is equally important to engage in meaningful, thought-provoking conversation as well.  Anyways, back to the story.  So my friend and I are sitting down (hiding) at our new spot when one of our other friends comes over and sits down.  “What are you guys talking about?”  Knowing that we would be judged if we told him what we were actually talking about, I simply responded, “What happened.”  It was generic and it wasn’t necessarily a lie, since we were talking about what happened…in the quad five minutes ago.  He then said, “To humanity?”  And I just went with it.  “Yea like what happened to us?” And then I realized how great of a question that was.  It is open-ended and it can mean whatever you want it to mean.  When you ask “What happened,” it allows someone to apply the question to his or her own life and what he or she are currently thinking about.  My friend had recently been thinking about what had happened to humanity and why people don’t date as much as they used to.  But just by me asking him “What happened,” it sparked an extremely interesting and meaningful conversation between the two of us that might not have taken place if I hadn’t have asked the question.  This question applies to so many different subjects and when asked it makes people think about something important, which is ultimately my goal here!  Sometimes we all get a little too caught up with the superficial, day-to-day things going on in our lives and we forget to have those enlightening conversations.  I hope by leaving the title of my blog open-ended, it will inspire readers to apply it to their own lives and provoke thought about what happened…to whatever topic they want.  I will post different entries where I ask “What happened… to a specific topic” and some of these entries will be about serious matters, while some will be about trivial, day-to-day things but my hope is that readers will be able to relate to some of the topics that I introduce and maybe ask a few questions for themselves.